What do you know about Oklahoma University? Essay

What do you know about Oklahoma University?

Why go to the University? I asked myself. Is it to go get a certificate? Or why on earth should I go to a University?  These are some of the questions that stormed my head before I visited the Oklahoma University website.

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Now, I am enlightened that it is not worth it to just spend years locked up in the four walls of a university and at the end of the day what you have to show for it is nothing but a Certificate – a cardboard certificate. There must be more to education than schooling. If you think I went to space to discover this, you might be very wrong because this was what I learnt after taking my time to go through the website of Oklahoma University. Believe me… you can try it too!

What do you think of a University that has over 30 thousand diverse students from around the world each year with a full-time faculty staff of more than 2000 members? Oklahoma University continues to stand out in the top ten in the nation according to the Princeton Review.

Giving back to the state and community continues to be one of their top priorities with their comprehensive Health Science Center; which is only one of four in the nation, to include seven professional schools while housing over 400 OU physicians that make up the states largest physician group–with practices that embrace almost every human field—many of these physicians specialize in the field of pediatric care whose critical expertise in treating children with serious diseases and injuries have been invaluable to the community and state, this strong dedication in giving back to the community ranks OU one of the best in the state and nation in dealing with minors and their emotional care.

OU has always been know for their superior intercollegiate sport programs, however, what I did not know is their extensive collection of major culture works of arts including: home to one of the two largest natural history museums; which includes over 6 million artifacts, the largest Apatosaurus, and the oldest work of art ever discovered in North America–a lightning bolt painted on the skull of an extinct bison.  If Galileo were alive today, he would probably be proud that his original manuscript on using the telescope to support Copernican theory is in good hands as it is displayed at the University.

After I learnt that Oklahoma University has a strong commitment to student success, faculty, community involvement, advance research, and their strong appreciation to the arts, I told myself; “what in God’s name can I probably want?” Just then I discovered I am already addicted to loving OUR Oklahoma University.






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