What Is The Servicescape Sector Of Hospitality Industry Marketing Essay


Many surveies have shown that physical environments, besides termed servicescapes have played an of import function in impacting service experience, finding consumers ‘ behaviour and attitude when the consumers are utilizing the service ( Bitner, 1992 ; Siddiqui and Tripathi ) . In this place paper, I will exemplify how the servicescape affect the behaviour of the client and their satisfaction.

As we might happen that most of the surveies mention that the servicescape is really of import, we might reason that whether servicescape is a nucleus merchandise or back uping merchandise when supplying a service.

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This paper begins by specifying servicescape. Second, I will exemplify the importance of servicescape. Third, it goes on to believe about whether servicescape is the chief factor for the industry success or non. Following this, it will exemplify how to pull off servicescape in different sectors of the cordial reception industry. It so considers whether the service supplier should pay a serious attending to the servicescape. Finally, it will stop with a decision and my point of position.


From assorted beginnings, the term ‘servicescape ‘ refers to the physical environment such as overall layout, design, atmosphere, artefacts and decor. It even includes atmosphere such as music, colourss and illuming. Those constituents are really of import when making a service experience ( Namasivayam and Lin, 2010 ; Lia, at Al, 2009 ; Bitner, 1992 ) .

A service “ merchandise ” includes both touchable and intangible parts. ( Namasivayam and Lin, 2010 ) . And service quality will be determined by these two elements ( Johnston,1995 ; Parasuraman et al, 1985 ) . The servicescape is a touchable component which is playing a really of import function and the service director should non overlook of it ( Lia et al, 2009 ) .

The ways that employees and clients act could be affected by servicescape. ( Siddiqui and Tripathi, n.d. )

Bitner ( 1992 ) has suggested to group the constituents of servicescapes as: ( 1 ) ambient conditions: temperature, air quality, noise, music, and olfactory property ; ( 2 ) space/function: layout, equipment, and trappingss ; ( 3 ) marks, symbols, and artefacts: signage, personal artefacts, and manner of decor. However, Lin ( 2004 ) classified the dimensions of servicescapes into three major groups of ‘cues ‘ : ( 1 ) ocular cues: coloring material, illuming, infinite and map, personal artefacts, ; ayout and design ; ( 2 ) auditory cues: music and noise ; and ( 3 ) olfactory cues: aromas.

However, we should cognize that different service industries have their ain servicescape. ( Ezeh & A ; Harris, 2007 ) .


From those academic article and diary, we may happen that servicescape is really of import that it may impact the satisfaction and knowledge of the clients. And besides affect the purpose of their patronization. Furthermore, it will either enhance or keep the frequenters ‘ emotions ( Wakefield and Blodgett,1994 ) .

Wakefield and Blodgett ( 1994 ) said that servicescape must be designed as to allow the frequenters feel satisfied with the service. Patrons do non like to experience uncomfortable, confined and restricted.

The service supplier should pay attending to what servicescape they have provided. It is because the clients ‘ feeling and emotion will be affected by the quality of the servicescape and even the clip that the clients are traveling to pass on a service. Furthermore, the clients ‘ determination to utilize the service or purchase the merchandise once more is besides affected by the servicescape. So if the service supplier has provided a high quality servicescape, it will be a chief factor to derive success in the industry, by positive word of oral cavity of the clients and repeat purchase.

Figure 1: Factors Infuending Repart Purchase Behaviour

From figure 1, it have been illustrated that if the sensed quality of servicescape is high so it will increase the exhilaration of the client and the clients may experience satisfy to the service or merchandise. The digesting engagement in purchase or utilizing the service will be increased and the clip that client spend on observing and sing the servicescape might be increased. After that the clients ‘ purpose of repetition purchase will be increased. ( Wakefield and Blodgett, 1994 ; Siddiqui and Tripathi, n.d. )

Therefore, the service supplier should pay more attending on the quality and the direction of servicescape as to derive more net income of their company, derive a competitory advantage and achieved strategic selling ends. The service supplier should acknowledge that the servicescape may go an of import constituent of the selling scheme. ( Siddiqui and Tripathi, n.d. )

Since we might happen that the servicescape is playing a really of import function on supplying a service and the service supplier should seek their best to supply a higher quality of servicescape. Is servicescape the chief factor for the industry success?

From Wakefield and Blodgett ( 1994 ) , they have argued that non every service supplier is traveling to play batch of attending on the servicescape to pull the client and to derive an industry success. It is because non every cordial reception industry is relay on what the servicescape they have been provide to derive a competitory advantage. In different sector of the cordial reception industry, the service provide might hold different attitude to pull off the servicescape and different design of servicescape.

For illustration, Wakefield and Blodgett ( 1994 ) mentioned that the servicescape of the leisure services is different with the servicescape of functional services. As figure 2 that I have shown below, we can see what are their different. For functional services, for illustration, wellness clinics, schools and infirmaries, the importance of servicescape is lower than those leisure services, for illustration, upscale eating houses and amusement Parkss. Furthermore, we can happen that the clip that the client is traveling to pass in the installation is lower, the importance of servicescape might go lower excessively. If the clip that the client is traveling to pass in the installation longer, they might willing to see the servicescape. For case, persons who go to miniature golf or any topographic point for entrainment are likely to measure how nice the topographic point is, the ambiance, the layout and the design for the topographic point and service. One of the intents that they go to the installation is to see the installation environment and they will be more involved to the service brush.

However, for those functional services, for illustration go to the school. The chief intent is to larn something. So whatever how the servicescape is, the user will non play much attending on it. If the school is supplying some outstanding instructor, whatever how the servicescape is, there are besides tonss of people are willing to travel to that school Furthermore, for infirmary, it is a topographic point for immediate demand, whatever, how the design and layout the infirmary is, the user will chiefly concentrate on can they acquire a aid on their illness.

Figure 2: The Importance of Servicescape in Leisure Service Settings

Beginning: Wakefield and Blodgett, 1994.

Harmonizing to what we have mentioned before, we might happen that in different sector of the cordial reception industry, there might hold different graduated table of the importance of servicescape and playing different function.

For illustration, what the servicescape might be supplying in a five stars hotel is wholly different with the three stars hotel. On a five stars hotel, their merchandising point of the hotel is at that place design, installations and atmosphere etc. The client of a five stars hotel is to derive a great experience on the servicescape. For case, in W Hotel Hong Kong, the merchandising point of this hotel is to supply a universe of centripetal experiences, the hotel have put a batch of attending on the servicescape. Particular lighting, signatures aromas, art and music as to pull the client a particular environment experience ( W Hotel Worldwide, 2010 )

However, on a three stars hotel, for illustration, the Bridal Tree House Hotel in Hong Kong, the layout of the hotel is non really gorgeous, the service supplier are non chiefly concentrate on the servicescape cause the client of these sort of hotel is to hold a lower monetary value of stay. When the client decides to remain in a three stars hotel, their chief intents is non to bask the servicescape. Of class, the servicescape is one of the elements of supplying the service but it is non the nucleus merchandise of the service. It is merely the back uping merchandise. Servicescape is non that of import in a three stars hotel than a five stars hotel.

Furthermore, as we have mentioned that the servicescape is really of import in making a good impact when supplying a service. Lia, et Al ( 2009 ) argue that if the servicescape failure occurs, it will take to some bad effects. At this minute, servicescape might non be the chief factor for an industry success. If servicescape failure occurs, client might be given to see negative emotions such as dissatisfaction and choler. At last it will construct up negative word of oral cavity of the company or some complain. The unpleasant servicescape will decrease the client ‘s satisfaction ( Leong et al, 1997 ) Service failure would take to issues of service bringing, service merchandise, service installation, the behaviour of the employee and the client or a combination of these. ( Bitner et al. , 1990 ) .

Lia, et Al ( 2009 ) point out that servicescape failure can significantly decrease perceptual experiences of service public presentation and evoke feelings of dissatisfaction.


This place paper identified the servicescape is normally playing an of import function. The behaviour of the clients and their satisfaction to the service is related to the servicescape.

As we have mentioned that supplying a high quality servicescape is an of import factor to derive a competitory advantage. We might happen that servicescape is non playing the same of import function at all the service, company or the cordial reception industry. In different sector of the industry, the client might hold different outlook to the servicescape that they can have. However, even servicescape in some of the industry sector is non playing an of import function than the other industry sector. From my point of position, servicescape is still the chief factor for most of the industry success. I ca n’t state all of the industry but most of them! Even in some type of industry, the client might non play much attending on the servicescape but non intending that they might non play attending on it. Since servicescape is the physical environment of an organisation. Servicescape is necessary in our life. Servicescape is playing an of import function.


Lia, C.B. , Othman, M. , Chern, B.H. , Ab.Karim, M.S. and Ramachandran, S. ( 2009 ) “ Customers ‘ Reaction to Servicescape Failure and Associated Recovery Strategy: An Exploratory Study in the Food Service Industry ” , Journal of Tourism, Hospitality & A ; Culinary Arts, pp. 23-47.

This paper is written as a decision of a servicescape failure research survey. The chief intent of the article is to detect the influence of servicescape failure and what can be done to work out the job as a service recovery. Furthermore, the writer has illustrated the effectivity of those recovery schemes. Besides, the writer has pointed out why the servicescape failure is occur and what is the significance of servicescape failure. From this paper, the writer has classified the servicescape failure into four classs and classifies five major recovery classs. Furthermore, the writer has find out the most effectual recovery scheme are action-oriented responses and sincere empathetic-oriented responses. In this article, the critical Incident Technique ( CIT ) ( Flanagan, 1954 ) has been used as a qualitative research tool to gauge client dissatisfaction in servicescape and whether they think the recovery is effectual or non. A major strength of the article is that the survey has successfully collected the item descriptions of the experience of servicescape failure and service recovery from the sources. As to supply dependable information to analysis the researches survey. It is relevancy to the subject.

Wakefield, K. L. and Blodgett, J. G.. ( 1994 ) “ The Importance of Servicescapes in Leisure Service Settings ” , Journal of Service selling, 8 ( 3 ) , pp.66-76.

This article is conceptual. The intent of this article is to gauge how different servicescape affect consumers ‘ perceptual experience and their satisfaction when they are basking the leisure service. Besides, happen out whether the consumer will reiterate to utilize the service. Furthermore, the writer has observed how servicescape affect the exhilaration of the consumers. The major strength of this article is that it has drawn out how of import the servicescape is and it has an deduction on direction and provides the recommendation to hold a decision of the article. Besides, the writer has pointed out the different importance of servicescape between functional services and leisure service. Let the audience have a clear apprehension. It is extremely relevant to my subject because it has point out what different servicescape have been used in different sector of the cordial reception industry and why they are different.

Grace, D. and O’Cass, A. ( 2004 ) “ Examining service experiences and post-consumption ratings ” , Journal of Services Marketing,

This article is conceptual. It has based on the consequence of the research to given some hypothesized which are related to the service experience and the ingestion of the consumer. The hypothesis was addressed based on the design and direction of the study. Furthermore, the purposeful sampling technique has been used. The writer has chiefly focus to speak about how core service, employee service and servicescape affect the consumers ‘ service experience. And besides indicate out the importance and impact of these three chief parts. This paper has draw out the importance of the service experience that the consumers have addition. The article is chiefly written for the director to acknowledge the strong effect of service experience and how they can work on it and better the service quality. However, the restriction of this article is that the research has been conducted in one shopping promenade merely, so the summarisation may be limited.

Siddiqui, M. H. , & A ; Tripathi, S. N. ( n.d. ) “ Application of Soft Operations Research for Enhancing the Servicescape as a Facilitator ” , pp. 1-16.

This is a treatment paper. It has discussed the application of soft operation research.

In this paper, the writer has used two soft operation research methodological analysiss which are soft system methodological analysis ( SSM ) and strategic pick attack ( SCA ) to heighten the servicescape as a facilitator. For SSM, it is aid for job resolution. For SCA, it is aid for the determination devising. Besides, this method can utilize to better the strategic determination doing procedure. Furthermore, the article has draw out that servicescape is paying an of import function by impacting the consumers ‘ satisfaction and service experience. This article is chiefly written for the seller to propose them a method to better the servicescape as to hold a better creative activity and direction on servicescape and at last to assist them to accomplish their selling end and derive a industry success. The major strength of this article is that it has suggested the utile methodological analysiss for the sellers. However, I think the content of this paper is rather complicated that I need to utilize a batch of clip to understand the significance of it.

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