Who is a social worker and what are the roles Essay

Social work is a profession that is centered around a variety of people from babies right through to elderly people. The profession works to enhance relationships, vulnerable people and help families to stay together where possible and also to help people to live a fulfilled lives as independently as possible.

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Social work involves engaging with organizations such as police, school, health local authorities. The vital part of social work is maintenance. The main goal is to help people in need and address social problems. Social workers elevate services to others above self- interest and also draw on their knowledge, norms and values to help people in need and also to address people social problems.

Social work profession is done by social workers. Theses social workers work with families and individuals by helping and guiding them to improve upon their lives. Example, by supporting people to live independently or protecting vulnerable people from abuse and harm.

Social workers specialize with adult or children services. On the adult services, they work with people with mental health problems, or learning difficulties in residential homes, working with offenders by supervising them in the community and aiding them at work. Social workers help people with AIDS/ HIV as well as working with older people at home by sorting out problems they may have with their health, housing, or benefits. Children and young people services include giving help and advice to bring and keep families together, working in children home, foster care processes and managing adoption. Providing support to young people from any risk or trouble with the law when these young ones are leaving care. Social workers also help children with difficulties at school or those with difficulties due to illness.

Social workers work entails visits to service users, assessments, giving supports, making recommendations, record keeping, and participating in disciplinary team meetings.

The social worker plays the role of an advocate on behalf of the poor or socially excluded. The advocacy role can also be played for individuals and groups like families or communities and in some respects the advocacy role can also be associated with community work. The social worker in this role can give assistant or support individuals or group by voice or assisting them to give their own voice to their wishes, needs, and aspirations. The advocacy role still privileges the notion of a close relationship between clients and social work.

A social worker is involved on the process of making referral to link a person or family to the right needed resources. They don´t just provide the information but after the provision, they follow up to make sure the needed resources are attain.

Case managers are involved in locating services and assisting clients to access those services. Case management is very vital for complex situations such as homeless people, elderly, those with mental health issues, victims of domestic violent or vulnerable children.

Social workers are sometimes involved in teaching people about how to develop particular skills like prevention of violence, effective communication and the meaning of a mental diagnosis.

I am empathetic by nature and have grown to understand the social settings and what people are going through. I have come down to a level by providing ears and like to be there when needed. Empathic with what I do and not just loving it as a job but as a way of life.

As a good listener, I find it fit in this profession since most of the time these people just need someone who can listen and understand them and make them feel heard for once in their lives and that’s what I want to do hence being a social worker.

My experience as a care assistant, both here in the united kingdom and in Germany, working with children in the Library, my experience as a customer service advisor which has given me very good communication skills, as given me a good understanding of the social role in society which makes me more eager in pursuing a career as a social worker. Knowing that being a social worker is a difficult task and can be very stressful especially because of sometimes working with uncooperative families and the setbacks with multi professional working, however as a humble person, hardworking, tolerant, and also a reliable person who is always ready to learn new skills, proficient at working on my own and with a team. With these qualities I will be able to help people and the society whenever and wherever the need arise.

There is this strong desire and joy within me when it comes to giving help no matter what the issue may be. I therefore want to be a social worker to bring this dream into reality because I believe there is help out there for everyone.

I feel that by becoming a social worker it will bring many rewards because I feel very satisfied in helping people through their hard times and happy when they are doing well once they have overcome their problems.

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